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Logo image for digital marketing analytics consulting firm Mountain View Analytics LLC in Arvada, Co

Who we are

Clark Frye has worked in digital marketing analysis since 2007. His professional focus has always involved understanding how complex systems work and finding ways to make them better. Clark worked for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies before starting Mountain View Analytics.

Successful partnerships have been built with clients of varied shapes and sizes:

  • B2C and B2B

  • Small businesses to Fortune 500

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Family run businesses, venture capital funded start-ups, and publicly traded companies

Clark's digital marketing analytics career has gone through the arc of (1) being the primary digital marketing analyst/strategist for his employers’ clients to (2) leading a team of talented digital marketing analysts for a global digital marketing agency to his current position of (3) running his own digital marketing analytics consultancy. In this role, he has the privilege of offering clients the benefit of his decade+ of digital marketing analytics expertise with lower costs than what it would take to have someone like him working full-time and in-house.

Every client brings unique digital marketing challenges. Success comes from understanding what drives business results, identifying the marketing tactics which contribute to those results, and focusing in on improving the metrics which matter most.


Mountain View Analytics is incentivized to keep providing value directly to you. Our job is to support you in becoming smarter and more confident so you can make better decisions.

Business models for some other consultancies and agencies may not align with your best interests. Common fee structures used by other consultancies or agencies have incentives which conflict with your best interests:

  • Fees based on a percentage of ad spend: This model incentivizes service providers to grow your ad spend because they're paid more if they're managing a larger ad spend.

  • Revenue sharing: Advising you to sign up for certain marketing platforms may pay a percentage of the fees you pay a vendor back to the referring consultant/agency.

We only want you to grow your ad spend if the ROI supports that decision. We only want you to choose a marketing platform if it's the best fit for your needs. 

Moutain View Analytics has no hidden incentives.

We keep it simple.

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