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Testing and Optimization

Marketing campaigns launch using the best available information for timing, targeting, and messaging. Once live, campaigns gather data to inform our opinions about how they are performing. 

We want to help you make impactful changes, and we know that it can be hard to determine what path is the right one. By using the Test and Learn optimization framework, we can carefully implement impactful change while minimizing risk.

Mountain View Analytics recommends using the Test and Learn optimization framework.

Test and Learn

The Test and Learn framework guides us through these phases:

  1. Wishlist: Determining which tactics and related metrics need improvement

  2. Options: Identifying testing opportunities which could improve campaigns through changes to creative, timing, or targeting

  3. Prioritization: Ranking and scheduling tests based on which tests could be most impactful

  4. Implementation: Setting up tests in a way which uses statistical rigor to produce reliable test results

  5. Measurement: Evaluating tests to determine the impacts of the test

  6. Evaluation: Once the test has reached statistical significance, we determine which test variant to use

The tools used to implement and measure the test will vary based on the marketing objective and tactics we're improving. Some of the most often used tools are featured below.

Testing and Optimization: Service

Visual Website Optimizer Consulting

Visual Website Optimizer is a tool for small to mid-sized businesses to implement A/B and Multi-variate tests on your website or mobile app. VWO also provides a platform for conducting on-site surveys to gather qualitative information about your website or mobile app. There's also the ability to see heatmaps which illustrate where your visitors are focusing their attention.

Email platforms

Most email platforms can be used to conduct A/B or multi-variate testing of email copy, timing, and targeting. The ability to conduct these tests may be explict or they may just allow for a smart user to conduct their own testing.

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