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Analytics Consulting Services

The most valuable product we provide to you is confidence.

Mountain View Analytics delivers useful information and recommendations which are founded in reliable data. That foundation provides you the ability to confidently make better decisions. Underlying data could come from paid ad campaigns, CRM's, web/mobile analytics, and many other digital marketing tools and tactics. 

Our services help you: 

  1. Understand which data to focus on

  2. Convert those data into contextual, meaningful information

  3. Make better decisions based by focusing on the most important information

We help you cut through the clutter to focus on what matters most to your business.

The best ideas start by focusing on the right metrics

Digital marketing produces an overwhelming amount of data. We collaborate with you to decide which metrics matter and what you should do based on what those metrics are saying. We have years of experience producing actionable recommendations by leveraging advanced capabilities of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and many other digital marketing tools.

Showcase the right metrics to the right audience

Once you know what metrics are important, you need to see those metrics in a way that makes sense for your business. We have years of experience producing interactive dashboards, scorecards, reports, and presentations using tools like Google Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint to showcase the right metrics to the relevant people in a digestible format.

Kaizen: Continuous improvement

Building a marketing platform for your business is an on-going process. Maintain and increase the value of your hard work by finding ways to pair the right message with the right audience and the right time. We add a "test and learn" mindset to your digital marketing efforts using A/B testing and multi-variate testing capabilities of email marketing platforms and tools like Visual Website Optimizer.

Garbage in, garbage out

Information is only as useful as the data it relies upon. Digital marketing tools are continuously improving and evolving, which means you may not have the best (or even accurate) measurement for key digital marketing tactics. 

Confirm the quality of your marketing data through an audit of the implementation and use of digital marketing tools including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and many more.

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