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Data Visualization and Reporting

Every digital marketing platform is setup to give you data in the way that works best for most of their customers. However, what works best for most of their customers is not necessarily what makes sense for you and your business.

Mountain View Analytics has spent 15+ years working with clients to find optimal ways to provide 


Some of the tools and services we use for data visualization and reporting include:

Data Visualization and Reporting: Service

Google Data Studio consulting

Google Data Studio is an interactive dashboard tool with connections to many of the most common digital marketing services. The keys to a great Google Looker Studio setup are:

  • Having reliable source data

  • Focusing on the right metrics

  • Surrounding data with relevant context

Microsoft Excel consulting

Since Excel is one of the most commonly used business tools, it provides users with a very comfortable medium for reporting. Most Excel users barely scrape the surface of what's possible with Excel, but Mountain View Analytics has experience in building robust interactive dashboards within Excel.

Microsoft Powerpoint consulting

Powerpoint has been the de facto standard reporting method for many businesses. Our experience allows Mountain View Analytics to clearly present key data in Powerpoint with the level of detail appropriate for the given audience.

Google Sheets consulting

Google Sheets is Google's free, online version of Excel. Since Google Sheets is online, it provides the ability to create interactive spreadsheets and reports linked to other datasets.

Data Visualization and Reporting: Service
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